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    Which educational path can prove to be the most beneficial when it comes to penetration testing? Would for instance the OSCP be valued over a CS degree for a pen-testing role? How could a CS degree differ from the OSCP?

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    OSCP is more of an evaluation course than a training course, the training materials are not all that great, youre really paying the lab time to practice owning boxes until you feel good enough to take the exam. However I very highly recommend having Linux, windows, and networking to include IPs and ports down before starting OSCP.

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    OSCP shouldn’t be considered an educational path, but a training one, so keep in mind that it’s hard to compare training and education like you’re asking here. A CS degree will cover many things with from basic programming up to software engineering, network programming, algorithms and compatibility, operating systems principles, computer architecture, databases, security, etc. I haven’t taken the OSCP, but obviously it’s security focused. I hear it’s very hard though, so it might assume a undergrad education in either degree you mentioned above. Hopefully someone else can chime in from the OSCP perspective or the cyber security degree side.

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    Undergraduate degrees are about

    1. introducing a financial barrier to allow excluding poor people from being able to apply for entry-level jobs at the same rate
    2. showing a company that you can sit and do assigned work.

    If you think that any CompSci undergrad degree is going to prepare you for actual IT work, you are sadly mistaken.

    WRT infosec/’cybersec’ degrees, it will depend on the school. There are a very small number who have a good enough reputation in their security (e.g. Carnegie Mellon [CMU], the home of PPP) that it will actually be materially different than a plain CompSci undergrad.

    OSCP, on the other hand, is about proving your knowledge in a practical way, and is an actual cert that most industry professionals in infosec will both recognize and respect.

    It’s not great from an education standpoint, because the book is honestly not very useful, and the labs are imo not as good with real-world simulation as many HTB machines… but if you can afford the lab time you *will* still learn a lot doing them.

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    Idk what oscp is, but the most a CS degree will get your is the fact that employer knows you have a CS degree and some (probably small) number of cyber security credit hours

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    OSCP is a highly valued certificate in the cyber security industry because its a hands-on course, of which you need to know what you’re doing in order to pass. But its just one certificate. This falls back on how motivated you are/have been in your own self-taught learning, how involved you are now in the PenTesting industry, and your contacts. On the other hand, a CS degree could be a 4-year journey, in which you’ll get experience, meet others in the industry and learn the culture, but could be stuck with a huge student loan till you get more established. Companies look for degrees in their ads because it assures them a sense of security in hiring the employee. But there are other candidates that are computer fanatics, study everything, immerse themselves in the industry and find top paying jobs. PenTesting covers many aspects of testing. I do suggest getting certificates, putting out vids, networking with the Cyber industry, learning everything. The CS degree through a college is a more “structured” learning environment which may be easier for you to network & connect with others though.

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