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    Hy, we have problem with your server, we’r constantly ddosed, our machine is separated on 8 VM which are running game servers.When attack happen, all of servers are lagging, and going down.We tryed to make “anti ddos” script, but it doesnt help much, also i was able to get infos on attacker by tracking attack, but still we are not sure is the IP 100% attacker, or victim of botnet, backdoor, malware etc. Also host provider is useless, they dont know what to do..Last option is including LE.Paying someone to block ddos attack is pointless from our stand.Any advices?Also attacker is spoofing vps most likely.So do you have any advices guys?


    edit: Machine is running Ubuntu linux, and we have full ROOT control

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    Have you enabled UFW and blocked port 7 inbound?

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