May 11, 2021

Crypto stolen- hacker still active


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    Outlines and hyperlinks all the crypto transactions that happened

    Or below

    Incident Dates*

    04/19/2021 (BTCB), 04/19/2021 (BNB), 4/19/2021 (HARD), 4/19/2021, 4/19/2021 (Kava) 04/20/2021 (USDC)

    Transaction IDs*

    C536FE6BDB830F05FA260E1995EF09630EF6795FB587C57AEFA20F8455ACE02F (Stole BNB)

    61AC6BF1630319D215FF0C3D55EA7B57734D18387BF15D8FE28BD5C6852AD5CE (Part of stealing BNB)

    594D08DF8190CF8BBB33131FF096BF7448C510E670272F788C4CE4FB45A63AA0 (Stole USDX)

    DE7CF60C936161DEF6D49CCE77403282EE203E463BE6A6A9E41397E456FD41FA (Stole Kava)

    0xd557336ac2cfcd39892cd80674c88481c5680557bedd4871f26fac9ea46def0d (Stole BTCB)

    0xcef5ab0b3e95df52d689c9868027a4ffe722cfb0546699da1110a5e22f9f7a63 (Deposited ETH to pay for fees to steal my crypto)

    9EF236601BB30C4AE850E90F0724B584BBC70A1F67CB4BBB2F0328520E7A6C37 (Attempting to steal HARD tokens but denied still staked)

    Exact Amount Lost (In Crypto)*

    8,010 USDX (5,500 USD)

    24.20096269 BNB (13,679 USD currently)

    144 KAVA (715 USD)

    0.02042119 BTCB ( 1,100 USD)

    Scammer’s Crypto Addresses*

    kava1qhhqcafrawa9uqx70590hs2d58nmhmla0f3zyd (stole KAVA)

    kava1qhhqcafrawa9uqx70590hs2d58nmhmla0f3zyd (stole USDX)

    kava1qhhqcafrawa9uqx70590hs2d58nmhmla0f3zyd (attempting HARD steal)

    bnb1jh7uv2rm6339yue8k4mj9406k3509kr4wt5nxn (Stole BNB)

    kava1r4v2zdhdalfj2ydazallqvrus9fkphmglhn6u6 (stole BNB)

    0x7561eee90e24f3b348e1087a005f78b4c8453524 (Stole BTCB)

    0xFee9D83EF7c01220628e75d323B6A377EbD9217f (Deposited ETH to pay for fees to steal crypto)


    I was on a Reddit channel for Pancakeswap when this happened I stumbled across a link for part of the exchange it was actually a fake exchange and when I clicked it the exchange routed me through motions to steal my information and then took over my Trust Wallet. They then proceeded to steal everything in my Trust Wallet and everything that was connected to my Trust Wallet. I no longer can use this wallet and it is still under attack as there is 20 more days left before the remaining tokens can be withdrawled

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