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    Sorry everyone don’t know if this fits the subreddit, but all UHS hospitals nationwide in the US currently have no access to phones, computer systems, internet, or the data center. Does anyone know what could’ve possibly caused this? One of the busiest hospitals in the region is currently sending away all ambulances to different smaller hospitals because of this, and they themselves are losing patients while they are waiting for lab results to be delivered by courier. Again not sure if this fits the rules of the subreddit but if anyone knows how this could’ve happened i’d like to know. 4 people died tonight alone due to the waiting on results from the lab to see what was going on.

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    A buddy sent me an article a lil over a week ago saying Home Land Security issued a warning of an attack and suggested everyone update their systems , I posted the article in the other hacker group but no one responded to it.

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    “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

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    There are three UHS facilities in my town. None of them are on divert. No patients dying, no ambulances being rerouted. Answering the phones just fine, internet is working.

    FYI – Lab work is done IN THE HOSPITAL, there is NEVER A NEED for results to be delivered by a courier.

    I call equivocated BULLSHIT on your post. What “caused” this? My best guess is your imagination and predilection for LYING.

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