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    DarkHotel hackers use VPN zero-day to breach Chinese government agencies

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    How the turn tables.

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    This is fantastic

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    I keep hearing a lot of promising stuff from this group, they obviously don’t refer to themselves as “dark hotel” that name was given to them.

    Does anyone know more about their origins?

    All their exploits and attacks are strictly sourced in-house, so massive respect.

    They are making waves definitely, something to watch out for…

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    Blackstone isn’t mentioned anywhere in the article.

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    How is the author so sure that they’re state sponsored hackers?

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    Wait!! Does anyone read the post?

    It looks like that DarkHotel tried to hack the World Health Organization (WHO) and the incident (in that particular case) case reported by Alexander Urbelis and i quote:

    >The attempted break-in at the WHO was first flagged to [Reuters](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-who-hack-exclusive/exclusive-elite-hackers-target-who-as-coronavirus-cyberattacks-spike-idUSKBN21A3BN) by Alexander Urbelis, a cybersecurity expert and attorney with the New York-based ***Blackstone Law Group***, which tracks suspicious internet domain registration activity.

    Doesn’t sound familiar the [Blackstone Group](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Blackstone_Group#Criticism_and_controversies), one of the largest and powerful investors in the world and also connected to Trump administration?

    And even more lies, i quote:

    >Cybersecurity firms including Romania’s Bitdefender and Moscow-based Kaspersky said *they have traced many of DarkHotel’s operations to East Asia – an area that has been particularly affected by the coronavirus*. Specific targets have included government employees and business executives in places such as China, *North Korea*, Japan, and the United States.

    So far North Korea have zero cases of coronavirus, so, Reuters, Bitdefender or Kaspersky are lying…i don’t know “***who***”

    The CEO of Blackstone Group is [Stephen A. Schwarzman](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_A._Schwarzman), one of the most wealthy persons in the world with $17.2 Billions.

    Be careful on what you read and believe.

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    Strange. I had thought they were a Chinese (PRC) group.

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    “Foreign state-sponsored hackers”

    Any evidence they were state sponsored? I find it hard to believe there is if it was actually state sponsored….

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    Finally. Very excited.

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    Just wait for the commies to come out and say they allowed the hackers access

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    whats DarkHotel?

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