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    The website Octosniff has exposed a family members IP address which has resulted in multiple DDoS attacks against a family network.

    As a result of the current pandemic remote schooling is now the status quo and this is causing interference in that process. Is there a way to stop a DDoS, trace an IP, legal course of action?

    It’s a home network and not a business so I feel like it should be easier to track back.

    Advice appreciated

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    Why do you think its a DDos? Do you have anything that can log your incoming connections? Personally i use PFsense and Snort to deal with something like this. If you wanted to set it up there would be hardware costs.

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    To stop it, sure. Since it’s home internet and not very likely to have a static IP. Turn the modem off for a couple minutes.

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    The easiest way to stop this would be to switch your firewall to whitelist rules, wouldn’t it? Because the first “D” in “DDOS” stands for distributed, it would likely be impractical to try to find all of the attacking IPs and blacklist them.

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    Contact your ISP and see if they can do something to help (probably ask if they can give you a new IP or not)

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    doesnt xbox have a direct connect setting that you can turn off?

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    How long do these attacks last? 5 minutes? If so they are using websites like stress them.to , instant stresser, anon boot, etc etc. my advice to you would be A.) either spend $20 to purchase Octosniff and blacklist yourself B.) Have a friend that uses octosniff to pull your ip with a vpn but that won’t be much help since octosniff owners can still see ip histories, or C.) get your ip changed

    Edit: the website for purchasing Ochoa off is just gaming.io which seems like a pretty sus website. I personally purchased it with bit coin, but multiple purchasing options are on the table

    Edit 2: Octosniff*

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    What I don’t understand is why OP thinks it’s a DDOS. Check your firewall. It cannot be a DOS let alone a DDOS.

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    Tell the police

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    Call isp and ask for a new ip.

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    The call is coming from inside the house. DDoS attack is super unlikely, what is likely is that someone infected one of your computers with malware and is using it to send out hella large amounts of spam emails, or to launch DDoS attacks at targets that are worth attacking.

    Backup your important files and reformat. If you want something secure, use Linux. Or take your chances with Windows, it’ll probably happen again at some point but Windows is sorta secure-ish against the really low effort exploits if you actually update the thing regularly and don’t install sketchy programs. That’s a relative thing, as in you might make it a few months before the thing gets riddled with malware again – if you want something secure, reliable, fast, and quality, your choices are Linux or Linux.

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    How are you determining it’s a DDOS?? Where are the logs?

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    Block icmp packets

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