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    Decorated and sophisticated Phishing attack.

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    They were working her for 8 months and didn’t steal any money?

    If that’s the case then this was probably done by someone who knows and hates her in real life.

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    She is a NDTV ‘s so called journalist. The person probably hated her.

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    Seems phishy…she exchanged emails with these people. What were their email addresses? Likely not I feel bad for her but sounds to me like she is not too bright or aware. Maybe the attackers knew that and why she was targeted.

    [email protected]

    Seems legit. Come on lady

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    yeh. ndtv is the news channel , and they dont even know that there is no course related to journalism .

    now just imagine how fucked up indian journalism is.

    and its funny to see that phishing attack still works in 2021

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