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    I just finished software that allows brute-force a password.

    The program is open-source, so you could compile it in your operating system (me on windows so voila), it is made in rust-lang.

    For those who want to contribute, go ahead but of course the project is made to warn amateur sites so that they protect themselves, (double factor authentication, after 3 attempts the account is blocked etc etc … )

    Project open-source : [https://github.com/L14ms111/assbreak](https://github.com/L14ms111/assbreak)

    Download Project : [https://github.com/L14ms111/assbreak/releases](https://github.com/L14ms111/assbreak/releases)

    and the documentation how to use : [https://github.com/L14ms111/assbreak/blob/main/README.md](https://github.com/L14ms111/assbreak/blob/main/README.md)

    and star this 😉

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    Automatic account locker.

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    I know everyone is putting you down, but don’t feel discouraged, there’s a lot of room for improvement, and also, there are bigger and more experienced projects that do the same thing, but at least you tried to develop a tool of your own, which is very nice (I also built a port scanner in Python and felt like a king… Then went back to nmap). Great study overall.

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    This seems very slow, and inefficient at all. But seems like a good try for learning.

    No one gonna use it really. But you should keep doing these for yourself so you learn more, gl!

    Edit: seems like your code is simulating actually clicks and all that which what makes it slow, usually bruteforce programs just do the http post requests which makes it much faster and won’t really need all that stuff.

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    Thanks, I’m going to use it for malicious purposes instead.

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