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Does the flipper zero have a decent amount of uses for just gadget guys? – Digitalmunition

Home Forums Does the flipper zero have a decent amount of uses for just gadget guys?

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    To preface, hacking is really cool and takes a respectable amount of Knowledge and skill that I do not possess. I do, though, find the flipper zero a very interesting piece of tech and was wondering if this would have enough uses to justify a purchase by a gadget guy?

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    If you want to do work with physical stuff (recreationally or professionally!), such as access control systems, sure. It’s a neat gadget, but I recommend having a specific purpose in mind before you buy it that you *know* it would work for.

    Source: Hak5 makes great stuff, but I never got the value I paid for those gadgets simply because they are principally pentesting/implants, and I have… no real use for that.

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    It’s a great tool to demonstrate people (who are far away from IT) what’s potentially possible with technology. Rubber Ducky is great for that too; opens a lot of eyes usually.

    The flipper zero seems extra cool because you can also share data between devices, meaning if you have a couple of friends or colleagues with these things running around and one of them found something, he can share it with the others. I like the concept and ofc that you can modify it.

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