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    Hello there.

    I am currently studying Security at my University, part of the Software Development programme. I felt like start off with this to highlight the fact that until now I did not have any experience with taking into account DoS/DDoS attacks as part of the Security of my applications.

    However, now it’s time to dive into these attacks from a Software Development perspective. While I kind of understand the concept due to my script kiddo days, I fail to understand how a programmer could prevent such attacks. To be more clear, I will quote the exact description of what I am supposed to do: “The selected security aspect [DoS/DDos in my case] must be related to a specific development problem.”

    Therefore, could anyone suggest me a problem (+its solution if possible) related to DoS/DDoS attacks that I could eventually develop my paper on? These should be relevant to a software developer’s point of view, from what I understood from the requirement I quoted before, hence I am asking for your help. Link and any other relevant source is information is highly welcome!


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    Maybe look at slowloris or NTP amplification as two different types of DoS

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