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    Hey all i have a small question
    Does downgrading from https to http and dns-spoofing actually works if the target already have visited the website you’re targetting before the attack was started or not? I have tried to to search this up but i didn’t really find an answer.

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    Im not an expert, so take it as a suggestion, but maybe you can do it with sslstrip, that will remove tags from httpS, but user is going to receive a warning about certificates, usually users are dumb and accept…

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    It depends on if the site sets the [HSTS header]( If that is set, and the victim has visited the site, the browser will refuse to downgrade to HTTP. If the site is on the browser pre-load list, it won’t matter if the victim has visited the site before.

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    I am not an expert so anyone feel free to correct me

    As others are saying u to use SSLScript to downgrade https so let me clear that we can downgrade HTTPS websites with SSLScript only if the victim is using an outdated and vulnerable browser. Modern browsers are secure

    U need to do DNS cache poisoning if the victim has already visited the website for doing this u will need access to his computer through a payload but this attack methodology is a headache u can use a post exploit of metasploit called netripper to intercept network traffic and encryption related functions from a low privileged user, being able to capture both plain-text traffic and encrypted traffic before encryption/after decryption.



    I don’t know that it still works or not

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