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    Hi I have purchased a course which is a limited period and is going to end soon but due to corona i did not get that ample amount of time to learn and make notes. So i want to download it and complete the course later after the time period ends.

    Its an Android App + website too

    I can download the vidoes on app but the videos are visible only in the app and cant find it in my file manger dont know where it goes. But in the setting App’s data is using the space.
    So is there any way to get it in external storage ?

    P.s: i solely respect the amount of tutor making course but i am really in need.
    The download videos do fash my contact no. And other login details in between the video. And i have no problem with it

    And i want to use it for my personal use.
    Please help.

    English is not my first language and i am not a techy geek or something so i am not able to descibe much, you can ask in comments if i have left any information

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