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    I have a laundry card for my apartment’s shared washer/dryer setup. There’s a kiosk in the lobby that allows you to refill with cash or credit, you stick the card in the machines, and you do your laundry.

    However, I noticed something interesting: the machines are not network-connected. Unless they’re using a hidden wifi access point from the reader itself, which in this case seems very unlikely, the balance must be stored on the card itself.

    I’m curious about how all of this works since my understanding of EMV protocols and data storage is weak. Does anyone know how it would be possible to examine this data with something like a USB chip reader from Amazon? Caleco is the vendor if anyone knows where to find doc.

    I saw another very similar thread in my Googling so far but it seemed to revolve around networked laundry machines which doesn’t appear to be the case, unless that’s a certainty and I’m missing something.

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    There’s a high chance they use 3g lte modems, like most vending machines.

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    I would suggest asking r/hardwarehacking they might be able to answer your question better.

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    Unfortunately I have no actionable help, but I do remember a Security Now podcast segment a couple years ago where Steve talked about this and might have hosted a challenge with regard to non networked vending machine:


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    Oh man. I ripped off the machine I used to have at an old apartment complex. This was about 8 years ago now but I can remember fairly well. I had it figured out to where I knew when it was writing on the card by the sound it was making that I had added $20 before it scanned the bill. If it doesn’t accept the bill, the machine spits out the cash and deducts that $20 from the card. So i put $20 in, and as it’s reading I would jam a little cardboard into the reader after it’s finished inserting the bill, which made it spit out the bill, but not before i removed my card. Because the machine had no time to write less $20 on my card, I kept the $20 and the $20 credit. I washed EVERYTHING i owned all the time because i could do it over and over again. Never got caught.

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