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    I got into this field thinking it’ll make me look so cool just like many other teens. So usually I used to mess around with online tools and tutorials to hack around some old websites and stuff not much exciting. When I dived deep, I found out about programming and exploring weird machines, linux kernel hacking and lot more. So eventually I started from web dev to binary analysis and now I am passionate about linux kernel. I am trying to learn about elf binaries from the book Learning Linux Binary Analysis. I am on chapter four and I started this book about 2 months ago. I know I am a slow learner and this book is giving me all kinds of stress I can imagine. I am passing out my university next year and plan to look up for jobs in this field. But as my time is running out and I don’t have much to put on my resume, I am a little worried as to what I am going to do. I feel so tired and burnt out learning about elf and kernel. Sometimes I feel like giving up. What should I do? Is hacking not my field? Many times I feel passionate about learning new stuff in this field but after a few hours of just solving errors in the code, I feel like I am done. I don’t know how professionals get the work done in this field. Recently I saw a video on youtube about a serenityos vuln and I was amazed because at that time ptrace was what I was working around and never in a million years could have known the vuln in serenityos existed because of faulty ptrace function in the os.

    I don’t wanna give up because this field is crazy hot. People here are extremely smart. I wanna be that smart. But sometimes all I wanna do is put a bullet in head because of frustration. If you ever experienced like me and overcame to become a pro, I’d like to hear from you xd

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    Honestly I think you hacked my brain, I feel literally the exact same, down to the paragraph. Also hoping for some helpful replies here.

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    You picked a very difficult topic in security, one of the most difficult. If you’re interested in hacking and want a job in security, I suggest looking into application pentesting. Web app pentesting is the most desirable skill right now, as it’s primarily what clients want to pay for. It’s also a lot easier to learn on your own. There’s also mobile and native applications as well. Having a well rounded skillset in applications, networks, cloud/environment configuration, hardware/iot, and then reverse engineering and low level like you are interested in, is important. I’ve found that everyone has different interests that they lean toward, so its also important that you choose things to look at that you enjoy as well, so you don’t get burnt out or discouraged.

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