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    So not technically hacking I guess, but wasn’t sure where else to put it. Feel free to move or delete if not appropriate.

    So for various reasons, I have an interest in extracting and playing a stream before it it reaches, and is delivered by a CDN. ie. I want to be able to pull the stream from the original host sever.

    I actually have no idea if this is possible. I’ve got what I assume will be the relevant info from Developer Tools Sources and posted it below. Is there anyone that could point me in the right direction as to whether it as possible and secondly, how I would configure the URL to be playable in either a browser or media player such as VLC. Thanks heaps for any help.

    var sources = [];sources[1308] =



    ‘h5live’ :


    ‘server’ :


    ‘websocket’ : ‘wss://ws.randomcdn.com:443/h5live/stream’,

    ‘hls’ : ‘[https://ws.randomcdn.com/h5live/http/playlist.m3u8](https://ws.rcncdn.com/h5live/http/playlist.m3u8)’


    ‘rtmp’ :


    ‘url’ : “rtmp://edgecluster.internal-randomcdn.com/live”,

    ‘streamname’ : ‘some_place_fm_1308?tkhash=ifKEMWGThGNKNjwKtUl5SFPfbtuzq_bk83wQaagjrH4=&tkendtime=1597319227&cust=RandomUser&stream=some_place_mbr&user=’


    ‘params’ :


    ‘h’ : ’61BvykRPyNOmxtmVb_fcJw’,

    ‘e’ : ‘1597319227’

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    Not likely with the info you have, looks like those are both playback URLs.

    Typically, the video segments + manifest are sent from the transcoder to the CDN endpoint. You would need to be able to grab that output, which is unlikely. It depends on their workflow, however. For example, we peer directly with some of our CDNs.

    Source: I work in video streaming

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