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Faking Camera to Hijack FaceID?

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    I recently heard of a dude that managed to get into an iPhone after creating a face mask. This seems like a lot of work.

    Couldn’t you just peel off the front and directly access the cameras wires? Then you could connect then to an Arduino or a Raspberry pi(being really careful, wires are small as hell). You could then program a face into the Arduino and run that program as if the camera was actually looking at the victims face.

    With this method I think you just have to have a good face picture and some luck making a 3d face in blender or some other program.
    The 3d face would be inputted to the camera’s 3d point distance thing.

    I know that you’d still have to guess on the exact face shape of the person, but I feel like it would be easier to do compared to making a mask.

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