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    So 2 years ago I sent nudes consensually between girls I matched with in Bumble. Now my nudes were leaked online just a few days ago, on a twitter account that stores all the the nudes of different victim on a google drive. I was able to get the email used for the twitter account and the google drive as well as the link to the google drive.

    Is there anyway for me to get the IP address and then locate who and where they are so I can report it to the proper authorities.

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    Just go to the police. It’s incredibly unlikely you will be able to do anything with the IP you get from it. It’s likely it’s a bot or some other system that hacks accounts and scraped them for content.

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    Since you have the email of the person, you could send a phishing mail, which contains a link to your server. If the person clicks on the link, your server sees the IP address.

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