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    Are there any communities or forums specifically directed at game hacking that you recommend? My natural curiosity for hacking has lead me towards what seems to mainly be web related hacking and knowledge, but I’m more interested in deconstructing games. I should say that I’m a complete beginner and I’m curious what sort of base knowledge would be expected from somebody wishing to deconstruct modern games. Game development and coding seems to be such a vast sea, but I wish to have a clear goal and study something that might lay the ground floor for such a curiosity.

    What would you consider invaluable to know before tinkering with games, and is there anything particularily transferable from web based hacking?

    I should say that what sparked my curiosity for game hacking was hearing about buffer overflow, the practice of sending packets to the game client to break the games limits. I imagine that these things are tougher to do today, and I would like to know what steps are put in place to prevent such practices and how.

    I know I’m a bit all over the place, but hopefully I made some sense. I’m entirely green on most of these things, I just need a nudge towards the right direction.

    Let me add a hypothetical that might clarify what I mean. Say I download and set up a custom server in an open source mmorpg like Boundel, just as an example. If I wanted to deconstruct the game, by stripping it down and experimenting with the game. What sort of knowledge would most likely help me out in this task? Knowledge that would stand independent despite things like what engine the game runs on, etc.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Check out guided hacking, best forums for learning game hacking

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