May 9, 2021

fun hacking projects?

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    im learning ethical hacking, my friend gave me permission to hack him and do whatever i want as long as it doesnt unreversably harm his stuff, any fun stuff i could do? thanks for any answers btw and sorry if this has been asked a million times

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    If he owns any websites/ forums you can try to either use SQl map for finding sqli vulnerabilities or find exploits if its an old version of myBB

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    Yeah I have that happening without permission

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    Try to hack into his social media / games accounts. Phising and email spoofing are the way to go. If you manage to do so, gently inform him that it was you and teach him how not to get scammed again.

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    Does he have wifi cameras. Deauth them to show him how insecure they are. Make sure he’s changed the default password on his router. Learn the packets/protocols and how to capture the handshake with wireshark. Its all bruteforce from there. If you manage to get on his local network you can steal cookies and impersonate user accounts to some extent. You can launch a dns attack and redirect all his searches. The real challenge is getting past the firewall. Edit his host file if you get access to the machine. Oh the agony. Drop a shutdown script in the startup folder. Google zipbomb for starters.

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