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    Hello, my email been hacks in the past and is being pushed around, I still get emails that people try to log in to random services using my email. Well recently I’ve been receiving phone calls from random numbers and its just silence when i call back it tells me “The number is not in service”

    Just now i received a call and a guy said “Can i speak to (My last name)” I said its me then he said “Its him” and hung up.

    I called that number back and again it said “Then number you have dialed is not in service”

    What is this? Why and how am I receiving this calls? Thank you

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    This means someone is calling you from a spoofed number. Spoofed in this instance means “Different from where it originated”.

    There are apps or techniques to make this say anything you want.

    You can call your phone company, but really there isn’t a way to stop them.

    I would get a new phone number and email account and change all your stuff over.

    Use extra long passwords and a password service.

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    Likely recording your response to use later in a scam of some sort.

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