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    Hi folks,

    I’m a cybersec student trying things on my personal computers at home. Today I tried to pop a shell on computer A with Kali as the attacker OS, running through a VM.

    The thing is that the computer A is hosting the VM

    Anyway, it worked flawlessly without disabling anything, got a shell and everything worked as intended.

    The problem is that it did not work at all when I tried to pop a shell with the same method on my laptop, that is on the same WI-FI.

    I know it is not realistic, but I even tried disabling my antivirus on the laptop but it still did not work.

    I had no problem to connect laptop A, that ha s a local IP of X.X. 1.22 to my listening meterpreter on X.X.63.128:4444, but for some reason my laptop that has a local IP adress of X.X.1.28 didnt succeed connecting to my open port.

    I have a few questions:

    What am I doing wrong, trying to connect to my laptop?

    Why didn’t I have to disable my antivirus on computer A for this to work on him?

    If you’ve read this far, thanks 🙂


    note: added X to IP adresses even though theyre local Ip because of the moderation rules of reddit

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    your networks are not clear to me here. does X mean the same number? is it one broadcast domain?

    what I understood is :

    you have a laptop, that is the host of a vm. this host can connect to the vm, but external devices can not.

    my question:

    what network is the vm using? is it a local virtual adapter between the host and the vm? then how are other devices supposed to find the vm network?

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