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    I have recently got a M2 NVME Samsung Pro memory stick and I tried to install it physically to an older motherboard made by ASUS

    and I got it to fit into a PCI express slot however I was unable to have the bios actually recognize it, so I looked up some forumns online

    that’s when it became clear that my system did not support this new type of memory. So After reading a bit more I realized that although it’s not

    supported there are ways to get it to work basically this involves making modifications to the Bios of the motherboard by adding support for nvme type ssds.

    Now I tried this method in many ways, but unfortuntely I was not successful and the error message I keep getting is “security verification failed”

    ofcourse this would fail because this is in fact a modified version of the official Asus bios and not the actual one. So even after having re-named the modded

    .cap file with the original name I would still get this same error. I tried this on fat32 usb and ntfs usb too. Honestly I feel a bit defeated perhaps I

    should give up on this sell the memory on kijiji and just settle for some regular SSD or hey even SATA at this point. With that being said does anyone have any experience

    with flashing modified bios with the Asus EZ flash utility?

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    The bios isn’t the only thing that would need to support the nvme device. In short, I believe you’re chasing your tail. As the hardware on the board also would need to support the device.

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