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    Hey /r/hacking,

    I’m trying to brush up on my security knowledge and get some more practical experience doing hacking. I’m looking for a good buffer overflow ctf I can do. I remember one from a while ago that seemed pretty good that you could do entirely on their webpage (it had like a debugger gui iirc)


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    IMHO, [Phoenix (x64)]( and [Protostar (i386)]( are the best way to learn the fundamentals of BOF on Linux. Simple, straight forward, and there are plenty of guides for when you get stuck.

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    Stephen Bradshaw’s Vulnserver is a good target to beat up on for Buffer Overflow on a Windows TCP Server. Relatively simple setup. I used a VMWare virtual Windows 10 to host it and attacked with Kali in a virtual-network.

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    AllClear_ all about binary’s and stuff

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    Start with Leviathan (or narnia, can’t remember)

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