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    Things that I know about the zip file

    * I created it sometime between 2007 and 2010
    * I know it contains some sensitive documents.
    * I know its more then 6 characters long.
    * Its not a random string of characters but it is 2 to 3 words or names put together with either numbers and or symbols after it. And theres at least one capitol. IE BobAnd
    * The file extension may have been renamed from rar to zip at one point.
    * I do not have access to the windows 7 install on it.
    * It was created with either winrar or 7zip

    Currently I am using Passper for Zip to brute force it. It claims it will try every possible combination for 1 to 16 characters, it has already gone through 1-6 characters. It is trying all of the combinations for 7 characters at the moment and gets through about 1-2% of those combinations a day. Meaning that will take about 50-100 days to do get through all of those before moving onto 8 which will take much longer. Though passper says it is a GPU password cracker and if I running nothing at night or during the day when I am at work it should speed things up a little. Ive looked online and Ive seen in some cases it can take 2 years to brute force an 11 character password and others

    One calculator shows that 12 characters with caps and numbers can take just over a year, while at the same time adding a symbol to that changes it to 1.74 centuries.

    For my GPU I have a titan 1080 over clock, cpu is a 4ghz quad core, and running on 32 GB of ram.

    Tips? Tools? Suggestions?

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    I’d try hashcat, probably better than Passper (never heard of that). Use Zip2John to convert it to a hashcat format and then go from there. Here’s an example of how to do that:

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