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    I don’t know if this is the place to ask for help, but either way I’ll try. I’m literally going crazy trying to find an answer to my question, which is about Google Meet. Recently, my class was bombed by unknown users trying to access it, even though they don’t have any code. The bizarre thing is that they could get in without even being accepted by the teacher, and they could get anyone in and out. As a name, they all had “private caller” or “no information about this caller” .
    in short, they had no profiles. However, I’m not sure it could be “””Hackers”””, as I don’t think those people waste their time getting into other people’s videoconferences to annoy them. It has to be said, that they received 2 complaints, including one for identity theft (they appropriated the name, surname and profile photo of some students in order to use them to their liking creating false profiles). As far as I know, it is impossible to enter a videoconference without having a code. It is totally out of the question that someone has provided them with the code, since these students entering are foreigners and do not speak our language. They don’t seem frightened by the complaints and continue to annoy, even insulting the teachers.
    To tell the truth, I would never complain about such a problem of their own, since some of the thing they do are really funny, but I do it because I’ve been falsely accused of taking part in these actions (I’m a JoJo fan and they play JoJo songs, lol) and I want to understand if it’s possible to do this. If someone can give me an answer, I’ll be happy to take it! Thank you all in advance, and especially sorry for grammar mistakes, but English is not my native language 🙂

    Again, I’m extremely sorry if I offended you in anyway, and sorry if I waste your time (probably this doesn’t even fit this community) I just want to know if it’s actually possible to do that without having codes and that kind of stuff.

    I wish you all a nice day 😀

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