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    Hey guys. Nothing illegal or shady.

    I have a IP cam that works with it own App on iPhone/ Android. Is there any possibility to get the video stream in a web Browser? It would be enough to see it in my own network. I need the web browser streaming to add the stream to the Octoprint 3d print Monitoring Software.

    [my cam ](https://youtu.be/cGnG6x0fAKA)

    [my cam 2](https://youtu.be/UqPxUSPvONs)

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    Did you just try to access it from your browser? Many IP Cameras have a Webserver installed that streams the video.

    Step 1: Get IP-address. Look in the app for the IP-address. Otherwise look in your Wifi AP for the device.

    Step 2: Open the IP-address in the browser. Try http and https (http://<IP-address, https://<IP-address)

    If the browser shows nothing, here are further steps I would suggest:

    * Scan open ports with nmap (Linux) or Zenmap (Windows) and idnetify which protocols they use (use google: port <number> to identify protocol)
    * Get familiar with Wireshark and arp-poisoning to analyse the network communication

    I generally suggest you get familiar with a Linux-Distro (Ubuntu, Kali, …) , because they all have many tools for analysis your looking for.

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    I don’t see which rule this post would violate… clearly hardware hacking?

    hard to tell, but maybe start by sniffing the network traffic, I guess it’s sending out a video stream to some cloud service. Then… don’t know, hijack the stream?

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    I’d start by getting the IP of the camera on your network. You can probably get in the DHCP clients section on your router.

    Then I’d nmap -p- the camera to see if it has any open ports and investigate each open port. It may already have a web server running that may allow you access to its feed.

    If no open ports then things get more difficult. If it is sending it’s feed over https you are better off getting a different camera.

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    I don’t know a lot about IP cameras but I think a quick way to see if this is even viable is to try one of those generic IP camera apps on Android and see if it can connect to your camera. If a generic app can connect, then you can work on finding a solution for streaming it over HTTP to fit your use case.

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    Oh. I am sorry.

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