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    A hacker has taken over control over the laptop and can freely access all the files and internet accounts saved on the laptop. In addition, he also has access to the laptop camera. I was not sure who to turn to for advice so the first person to come to my mind was you. Should I hard reset my laptop and erase all my files or should I wait for someone to help me track down who is the hacker? If it is the latter, then do you know who I can turn to to help me track him down.

    So my parents downloaded whatever the caller, who claimed to be a Microsoft staff who wanted to help them, wanted them to download. And I know he has full control of the computer because what I try to move the mouse, he moves it on his side to prevent me from doing anything that would cause him to lose access. The thing is, he has already been active on the laptop for 10 days and probably obtained a substantial amount of detailed regarding my family. So, I don’t know if I should factory reset or not.

    should I attempt to find out who the hacker is and somehow prosecute this? If so, how would I go about doing this? Would it even be worth it to find out who the hacker is?

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