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    Do people here hack as a hobby without the goal of making it a career? Or hack for fun but have a career completely unrelated? Like hack the box, Ctf, get an oscp, things like that?

    I’m in cyber security, but I’m in the policy/grc/audit side, thinking of teaching my self some hacking for fun. I make really good money and have a pretty great career path, so I don’t plan on ever going red team (unless they could match my salary my first pen test job)

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    Just started learning programming/other topics to do with hacking. I’m finding it very interesting but I don’t plan to turn it into a career

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    Yes, I’m a programmer and this is my hobby (along with programming)

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    Oh yes … I’m a hobbyist, Love playing CTF challenges and even have a couple of bug bounties under my belt, no professional expierence or qualifications … just a nerd 🙂

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    Thats how it was back in the day.

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