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    Hi everyone! When I was in college I had a friend who was really good at information technology and hacking and stuff and he was able to hack my Pokémon Heart Gold game for the Nintendo DS to get me Mew and Celebi since they were then unobtainable (events expired and game was no longer popular). I have since lost touch with my friend but wanted to play a new game while also being able to have Mew and Celebi as Pokémon but I have no idea how he managed to hack a portable gaming console (I have no experience with hacking) so I was wondering how I could go about it. Any ideas? I don’t know if this is important but I no longer have a DS, only a 3DS that I can play my DS game on

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    u can put homebrew on your 3ds and there are apps that let you import and export saves from and into cartridges, the save file can be edited with pokeSav
    for more info: [here](https://3ds.hacks.guide/)

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    I’m not sure how the game works ( or if it uses the Internet at all). For online games and apps I usually set up a mitm proxy server using burp suite to intercept and modify the requests being sent and received I’d assume that you’d have to use a similar tool to intercept the games traffic.

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    Easiest way would be to use an Action replay or GameShark if you are somehow able to still find one. I had one to give myself masterballs bc I gave up trying to catch the legendaries

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    Check out /r/3Dshacks, active subreddit (no piracy stuff there, just homebrew and guides)

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    If it was back in the day with old hg and ss it would have been an action replay device probably. Those things were amazing!

    (Edit: it would probably work still)

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    Hey I had done that in my youth. I was using a DS linker which permits to play roms on real hardware. With that you will have access to the savefile which you can edit with pokesav. Then you will be able to transfer your edited pokemons via the classic trade option.
    A linker is still a great purchase nowadays (search for R4 or acekard) as you would be able to enjoy the full NDS libr… homebrews on your device. Piracy is bad m’kay x)

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