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    So I found out about hack this site and sites like it where you do ctf. It really caught my eye as a beginner programmer. I know a little about ethical hacking but not alot so i want to get into the field. Im at a point where my interests change rapidly. Is hacking something i have to be invested in for a long time or is it something i can try out and see if i like it?

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    @r/Jackerin0 can you share some links to the CTF or hacking related sites just asking for reference as I am a beginner myself. Thanks!

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    You can try it out. But like any skill the best are dedicated not just to “hacking”, but specific aspects of “hacking”. People usually specialise in a particular area.

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    Even if you don’t end up in a cybersecurity career, some basic hacking concepts are good to learn IMO. Especially if you make web applications some day.

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    hacking is a skill and interest you either have or you dont.

    Ask yourself, do you want to know how things work?. Do you take things apart to figure it out?. Do you look how things could be improved, finding the flaws and look for better ways of doing things. Are you interested in that?.

    People tend to be hackers without even realising it but if you dont have that interest already, no amount of tutorials will get you interested in it

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    Both actually. You can dip your toes in with a few basic CTFs and if you’re still interested, dive deeper. It can be a temporary hobby or a long term career… just depends what you make of it

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    TryHackMe and Cybrary to learn the fundamentals and then go with HackTheBox for practical hands on knowledge.

    That will help a lot. Before all that, learn how to secure things than hacking. If you understand the concepts of security, you’ll understand the penetration testing concepts better.

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