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    What is the best way to get rid of some guy harassing one of my friends. I’ve posted this on this subreddit because I want some unconventional ways of dealing with this guy.

    Just to let you know I’m on Xbox from the U.K..

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    block the clown bruh

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    Anything you can do is illegal and complicated theres nothing out there where you just download a tool and it works.

    Research how to email a keylogger to someone and you’ll get an idea how complex things actually are. You have to know how to assemble it set up a server and some other things.

    You also have to find a place that has an actual working tutorial and Wonder how to isn’t going to do it. That stuff is all old and 99.9 percent doesn’t work. Most of the places you find on a search aren’t going to work.

    Just keep blocking the guy don’t respond and once he isn’t getting a reaction he will quit. It’s no fun harassing someone if they don’t react.

    If you know his name and stuff go on those freebies sites and sign up for everything. Go on those get a free PS5 or Xbox places, Couupon sites places like that he will be getting telemarketers 24/7. That’s not illegal and it is annoying.

    Short of that your just going to get yourself in trouble then hes going to be laughing and your going to be twice as mad and having to dig yourself out of a hole you needlessly dug for yourself.

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