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    So I’m starting to get into the world of hacking, and I started to learn about Nmap. I noticed on their website that it’s primarily used to find vulnerabilities on your network, but I was wondering if there have been any real world cases of someone using it to hack a network that they didn’t have permission to hack.

    Obviously there have been people that have done it, but I’m curious if there has ever been a big case about someone using it? I’m curious to know, as reading upon big hacking cases is pretty interesting to me.

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    NMAP is primarily a port scanning tool, and while it can do some extra stuff using its script engine, usually it’s used to detect open ports, identify running services on those ports and extract version information.

    NMAP alone is not enough to hack something, however almost all hacks start with information gathering and NMAP is most likely part of that process.

    Detecting NMAP scans is certainly possible using IDS and other systems, but very often it’s not really relevant to do so because networks and even the entire internet is scanned on the daily. It may be relevant to use logged information after a hack has taken place to try and identify IP addresses, but they’re probably proxied or VPN’d anyways.
    Some companies may try to identify NMAP packets and drop them all together.

    So to answer your question, the chance that it has been used as part of a process of a big hack is very likely, but it’s not very important.

    tl;dr NMAP is an information gathering tool which is very commonly and frequently used, but usually not very important as to how a hack took place.

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    ummm pretty sure you cant hack a network with NMAP. its just a port scanning tool

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    Most of the legality with using nmap lies in whether it is an aggressive scan. IANAL

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