June 15, 2021

Has my PC been compromised?

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    W10 fully updated, Defender full scanned PC. I changed a social media logon a few days ago from said PC using an 8 character, multi-case, alpha numeric non dictionary based password. I only used said PC to access this account. Within 48 hours I get a notice from the company asking if I had logged in from another state at 3am, if not I need to change my password. The only thing I can think of is that the PC has a keylogger.. Bare metal reinstall?

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    You didn’t happen to click on a link and then change your password from that link, did you? If you did then you fell victim to a phishing attack.

    Whether that happened or not I suggest downloading and running Malwarebytes and checking task manager for any suspicious programs like Windows Script Host. Also be sure to change your password from a different device just to be safe. Good Luck!

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    Companies will almost never email you to change your password unless they had some sort of data breach. More than likely your PC itself is fine as it seems to have just been victim to a phising trap as others have stated. My priority of yours would to ensure that you change your email as well as your password to that account or any accounts you used the same password for. Many phishing attempts will target simple things like social media, only to be really used for gaining access to things like banks as many people use the same password. In terms of a key logger I would run netstat and see any weird out going connections.

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