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    I’ve heard multiple opinions on this, however, I’ve never asked an actual hacker their thoughts!

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    I don’t think I can really claim the title, but I will offer that it is hard to offer only one opinion on these groups. I constantly find myself going between love and hate for them.

    They almost resemble a country in that manner because you can point out one thing they did that was great and helped many people or you can just as easily point out an atrocity and how horrible they are.

    So to boil my opinion down as much as I can for such a spectrum of actions, I can only say that I find their works incredible and aspire to one day understand the techniques involved. Whether those works were something I encourage or condemn really depend on the specifics.

    BTW, because of the other comments here, I spent a good while going through this community’s wiki. Great stuff man.

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    when the world needed them most, they *vanished*

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    I think most of them are inspiringly intelligent, but are massively wasting their potential. Any of those kids could easily prove their skill without breaking the law, get a huge payout, get a high-paying job, etc etc etc…

    Even if they wanted to engage in hacktivism and not go the corpo route, fine, I can get behind that, but at least find a good cause. Don’t just knock PSN out to brag to your school friends. :/

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    Nice try FBI.

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    I’m less impressed by them when I compare them to Winnti. Now that’s an impressive group. They’ve been around forever and have adapted their TTPs with changes in technology.

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    I suggest reading our wiki, [https://new.reddit.com/r/hacking/wiki/index](https://new.reddit.com/r/hacking/wiki/index)

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    I think their are *far* more interesting groups that do or have done *far* more interesting things. Such as the Equation Group, Shadow Brokers, Phineas Fisher, Fin7, Winnti etc.

    I do respect the hacktivism of what they do though.

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