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    There was a talk given by a physical pentester where he told a story about simply walking into an office – I think he may have taken the cargo elevator. As I remember it, he started giving people a cover story about how he was from IT and was testing peoples’ USB ports, telling them they should be disabled because they were supposed to be using the charging port in the wall to charge their phones. He proceeded to plug in a USB rubber ducky disguised as a charging cable which simply displayed a popup on the user’s screen reading something along the lines of “Test completed :)”.

    I think the talk may have been given by Deviant Ollam, but I looked through his talks and I couldn’t find the story. Is anyone familiar with the story? I’d like to share it with a couple friends, but I’ve been unable to find it.

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    This one?

    Jason Street – Breaking in Bad (I’m the one who doesn’t knock)

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