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    I need serious help il even offer money if someone can solve this issue. So my brother had a suspicion that he has a virus on his pc he reset it multiple times changed router changed wifi password and this hidden network would still appear he came today so i can install windows 10 again on his computer and i tried without turning on wifi but windows would not let me so i turn it on 2 minutes later the hidden network appears on my pc it never was there as soon as his computer connected to my wifi it appeared idk what to do anymore we went to the police they said they can’t do anything this has to be a trojan virus or something idk how to fix it i need help please

    Its 5ghz

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    Depending on where you live….you could have LOTS of WiFi networks and some of those will be hidden (I.e. the SSID isn’t broadcast). This doesn’t mean that there is anything malicious going on…that’s how WiFi works.

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    First of all slow down and use punctuation. Like, omg, it’s annoying.

    Second of all- are you assuming there is a virus based *solely* on the fact that a wireless network has been detected? Because it is *supposed to* detect nearby networks….

    If it connected automatically, then you’d have a problem. If your antivirus said it found something, then you have a problem. But simply detecting a nearby network (likely one of your phones if nothing is close) is not a virus.

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    Is his computer wifi sharing? Because I Trojan that creates a hidden wifi network would only be effective if the attacker was within range and your brothers computer would probably have a record of devices connected if that were the case

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    A fresh install makes an adhoc network?

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