May 11, 2021

Holy Grail of hacking

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    Hello everyone,

    /r/askhacking is mostly dead, I hope my somewhat simple-minded question fits this sub.

    In your opinion, what is the Holy Grail of hacking as a malicious activity? What is something that is extremely hard to pull off and could do enermous amount of damage if made public?

    Pushing a malicious forced windows update through legitimate Windows Update channels?

    Taking over a NASA Mars rover?

    Dumping all data from a big pharma company or something like Google Brain?

    Or something US military/IC community related?

    Or making people unable to play Fortnite for weeks? πŸ™‚

    I don’t want to give ideas to anyone, only I was wondering about this recently.

    Looking forward to your answers. πŸ™‚

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    Hack ICANN and fuck up DNS servers.

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    Cracking the ADP payroll database and putting yourself on every companies’ payroll.

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    All old school hackers know the answer to this question… The holy grail is to completely take down the entire internet itself.

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    Compromising all root certificate authorities

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    Apparently you missed Halfnium. It could have been much worse.

    In theory, I’d reckon a platform independent unauthenticated DNS server remote code execution or highly effective DOS exploit (brick) would do the job to rock us back to the dark ages.

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    Hack the sun and make it expand.

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    hack the apple servers and corrupt their servers with the lyrics to rick astleys, ” never gonna give you up ” and stream it to every operating system with an apple software for 24 hours, with a virus to completely erase their database if they try to remove it πŸ™‚

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    To the removed comment:

    First comment and already the β€˜nuclear’ option.

    I cannot even imagine how you would do that, but in terms of consequences, I think you’ve won.

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