June 22, 2021

How can I learn to CTF ?

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    Hi everyone ! I really love cybersecurity and hacking and I have some theorical knowledge in it. However I want to practice in a better way and to learn a lot more than what I know yet. I decided to try CTF’s, because it is the best way to improve, for me, but when I try I found out that my knowledge didn’t do anything and I can’t resolve it. This is why I ask here how can I improve my skills in CTF ?

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3 thoughts on “How can I learn to CTF ?

  1. Participate in CTFs, and do as best you can. Take note of the challenges you get stumped on, and afterwards ask other participants how they solved them.

    Then go home, build or deploy similar challenges, and try again.

    Vulnhub.com, Damned Venerable Web Apps, OWASP WebGoat, HackTheBox.eu, National Cyber League — all great places to practice.

  2. There are some challenges that have been around for over ten years that have yet to be solved. Wechall.net is the hub for most active wargames. There is cumulative scoring for all sites, and country and world ranking on wechall.

    Practice, and use resources and walkthroughs sparingly. Ten years ago, solutions were closely guarded secrets. Some of those sites are still that way to push the skiddies towards either greatness or to guard the gate, so to speak.

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