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    I’ve been wondering for a while ever since I learned about keyloggers, how would keyloggers work against me? If I were to accidentally download someone’s keylogger, would password fields also be logged? Or is there some protection against that on websites that require logins? I know how they work (for the most part), but one part I am confused about is, how would someone send the key logged data from my computer to their own?

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    Sounds like you don’t understand how a keylogger works. But there are plenty of explanations out there.

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    A keylogger pays close attention to your keyboard itself and logs every key you pressed.

    The log might have a part in it that looks like this:

    <Windows key>

    And the attacker could tell from the log that you probably hit the Start key to run Google Chrome, navigated to Reddit, and typed in one looks like a username and password to log in. So, it would catch *anything* you typed, no matter what app or what kind of box, they’d get the text of the emails you write, even with the <Backspace>s you make to correct your typos, passwords, videogame inputs on keyboard, etc.

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