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    This happened to a friend of mine, and this is basically all I know. Please excuse the lack of information.

    He was talking on the phone with a random foreign number for over an hour, they were pretending to be someone or something similar to that. The thing is, he was doing business abroad and somehow they managed to get his info and capitalized on whatever they had.
    And like I said, they were very well organized, the basically managed to keep him on the phone for over an hour, without him suspecting anything. It was only later that he got a funny feeling and called the police. He had to give them all of his electronic devices, they fragmented all his data, and he had to get a new SIM.

    He talked to them over a mobile phone, with his own personal phone number. And what he told them for CERTAIN, is his name and surname, and his wife’s bank account number.

    He got hacked somehow, they managed to break into his mobile phone and basically every electronic device that was connected to the internet in his house

    The thing I’m wondering is, what information would a potential hacker need to get from a person over a phone call, in order to
    steal/look at someone’s data through his internet connection? Things like that can’t be done over phone carriers, right? They would need his IP at least?

    Thank you for any information you might have!

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    This question is too vague to be addressed sufficiently. “They fragmented all his data and he had to get a new SIM” is a hard thing for me to assimilate. These words do not make sense in this order.

    Over a phone call, you might be able to ascertain the number of the person calling you. You might ask them anything, including ‘hey what street did you grow up on’ or other phishing tactics.

    None of this makes sense other than conflating ‘something bad happened to the computer’ with ‘I got a scam call’.

    You’re missing information sir.

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    Assuming you have the facts straight (which honestly seems unlikely given the game of Telephone that they went through before reaching you), there’s most likely just a step you’re missing. The most likely explanation, in my mind, is that they had access to his computer through a trojan prior to the phone call. It would make sense that they gathered any information they could from the computer and then called him with a found number to try to extract even more. The other likely possibility is that they were local and hacked his network by physically going to his house and cracking his WiFi password or exploiting a phone on the network and then pivoting from there.

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    The story is missing detail.

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