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How do i get past timed internet restrictions?

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    Don’t know if this question has enough information to get any help but anyway worth a try.

    We have a modem in our house. The owner has multiple networks running off it. Not from wifi extenders, i dont know the word but multiple wifi options coming from the same modem. The one i have access to and know the password to has a restriction on it that turns the internet off for my computer and phone at night though.

    So i was thinking maybe if i backed up and factory reset my phone that could do it?

    When i use a different device it works even at night. The restrictions are device specific and only on my network. But i only know the password to my network.

    I don’t really want to go through backing up and resetting my pc though. Also, when i run an ethernet from the modem to my computer at night, it automatically connects to my network and says no internet. I would have thought that running an ethernet straight from the modem to pc would do it but yeah. Is there a way i could change the device name of the pc or something that could get it done? Or anything else i could do?

    In the past ive guessed the password for one of the other networks that doesn’t have a restriction but they keep getting changed.

    So what i have to work with is my pc, phone, the password for my own network, the ip, i dunno. I’m open to hacking one of the other ones if that’s possible.

    Basically, just want to get some internet working at night.

    Any ideas at all? Feel free to ask questions or for more information if you have any ideas.



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