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    Hello everyone!!! I’m new to the world of hacking and just starting and I was wondering do I need certain software to hack or anything? And most importantly where or how can I learn? Thanks for your time and stay safe!!!

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    Its feels like hes 13 or 14, why coming here? Google youtube and 100k post on reddit, but noo Im going to make a new post to ask how i can learn hacking. Like wtf dude?

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    Please read rule 3

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    You just need to get started with one of the crazy-broad skill trees. You won’t be good at everything, but doing Capture The Flag (beginners) learning challenges will show you some areas of knowledge and may help you get started. Search “CTF beginners”. Example:

    Also, picking something very focused like Cross Site Scripting is another good place to start. Search “XSS game”. Try this:

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    While I appreciate the enthusiasm, your question is similar to “How do I learn science?” and “How do I learn math?”. It’s incredibly broad, with no context to your current knowledge, your interests, etc.

    Start by figuring out the things your interested in (say, a specific program) and then learn how it works. Once you learn how something works, you can learn how to break it. Once you learn how to break it, you can learn how to break it in specific ways that benefit your goal.

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