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    I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a USB keylogger for a while but I have not been able to find anyone that actually tested what they make as I want to setup a USB that I can plug into a pc and it will start key logging. I need to know how to set it up in such a way that as long as the device is plugged in it will automatically and discreetly self execute.

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    I’m a bit unsure on the process behind this, but if you want one you can get them fairly easily for downwards of twenty usd.

    Anywho, I found some tutorials online on doing so.




    Have fun, I recommend trying this out on a homelab before your main computer to avoid internal damages if done incorrectly.

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    *usb I’m retarted please forgive me

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    No one is going to help you with this… I think even the script kiddies have more self-respect… We don’t help douche-bags become monsters…

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