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    I know a little bit of python but my main interest learning about iphone and finding exploits any sources?

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    You should probably learn more theoretical foundations. A script kiddie, imo, just copy and paste something until it works.
    You should be able to understand things deeply.

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    Check out r/masterhacker and *do not* act like the people in the posts there

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    Embrace it, become a script kiddie and then keep getting better!

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    Everyone is a script kiddie when they start, it would be much harder to learn if you only ever used your own original code and methods 100% of the time, sometimes you do have to copy things especially when your learning just make sure that you aren’t copying without knowing what it is that you are doing and how it works

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    It’s alright to become a script kiddie from the start, but you should try to learn more and more on your own, so that you can make your own scripts eventually.

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    Hi, I full time bug hunt for a living primarily targeting IOS. I’d highly recommend checking out live overflow on youtube as a starting point. He has some of the clearest and most detailed tutorials I have seen on the basics of memory corruption bugs. If those videos are too much to digest I would recommend starting to learn the basics of C, how the stack/heap works, what pointers are, etc.. until you understand enough to be able to attack the examples he provides and understand what is actually happening. Programming knowledge is important but you honestly dont need to be a good programmer to find bugs, you just need to be able to understand what you are looking at.

    When you feel like you’re knowledgable enough, aquire a copy of IDA(paid)/Binja(paid)/Ghidra(free) learn how to use it, and start reversing shit. Finding online binary CTFs is a good place to start. Also learn about fuzzers and how to use them.

    I couldnt recommend not starting with IOS enough as it’s a very unforgiving target, but if you want some reading to do on actual IOS exploitation the project zero blog is the best place to look as it has full exploit write ups on techniques and bugs in IOS they have found themselves or in the wild. A few good names to google for people who put out a lot of good ios exploitation information: brandon azad(the best!), siguza, ian beer and Stephan esser. Happy hacking, feel free to reach out

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    IPhone would be extremely difficult as a starting point. If you are set on IOS then you should look into the coding languages used for IOS apps and learn mobile app penetration. Thats where I would start anyway. There’s other things like bluejacking and bluesnarfing could be interesting for you as well.

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    Learn how things truly work and the ways they can be exploited will jump out at you.

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    You’re asking the right question. SK are often people who think they aren’t one or ever will be.

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    You have 2 things you can and should do: First, learn the basics, general things about whatever field you are interested in.
    Second: be a script kiddie, use other people’s code and modify it, that way you get used to working with code and you learn some advanced techniques used by the people who you borrowed the code from.

    Set a goal, figure out the steps to that goal and after that you’ll become interested in something else you didn’t know about lmao

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    Check the Wiki on this sub.

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    Curious, what kind of exploits for iPhone would you want to find ?

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