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    I have just recently learned about how to use msfconsole for exploitation and msfvenom for payload generation. I was wondering how exactly you would get a meterpreter shell (using a payload) from another computer which was on a completely different network, being that there is NAT and public/private IP addresses to deal with. How would you set the LHOST parameter, for example? My ISP uses some type of proxy which makes all of my public IP addresses the same on different devices (verified by going to [](

    Metasploit aside, how would you just flat-out send packets from one WI-FI network to the next with something like a python program? All of the python network programming tutorials that I come across seem to deal with LAN IP communication exclusively without telling you how to deal with different networks on a WAN. How would this work? Am I just being stupid?

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    Either that computer is visible to the world(they punched a hole in their firewall) or you tricked them to run code.

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    Port forwarding will allow you to set your port then public IP in the payload generation when this is ran it will connect to the computer which your specified in port forwarding on your router.

    Be careful with this anyone listening on the wire will see the connection and if there is a hole to punch through they will find it, when opening a port to WAN anyone can connect to it.

    This is one of the reasons DarkComet RAT stop being used a flurry of exploits came out allowing the “victim” to take over the attackers machine.

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    2 things.

    1. you could have your computer visible to the internet (Not recommended)
    2. You would have a server out in the world someplace that the callback is sent to, then connect to that server from your personal computer

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    Bruh, look up routing tables.

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