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    My parents keep pausing it. It specifically uses xfiniti xfi for a bedtime “pause.” I tryed using dns changers which alot of online forums said its based off of but how do you think the wifi securiy works? Im interested in how it cuts my wifi off. and how i can prevent it

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    I don’t know for sure, but I imagine a change of your Mac-Address could help

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    Use a Mac address changer. It pauses devices specifically by the mac address, so if they were to pause it, a spoofed mac address makes the router think a new device connected. However, that can also be paused, so you’d have to change the address again, and they’d eventually catch on.

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    Try accessing the admin page of your router. Most likely in if you’re connected to the wifi and try the credentials Admin Admin or Admin 12345. Those settings that terminate or limit a connection are in that panel

    Ps if you cant get try to look for the credentials on the back of the router

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    Just factory reset the router. It should wipe any settings they had and then you’re golden….until they catch you. Better yet, why don’t you just phish your parents for the login to the app that lets them control the WiFi. But yeah…just change your mac. Or buy a bunch of cheap wifi adapters.

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