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    Simple as that, really. If I wanted to play with one on my home network, that’s okay?

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    0 risk on your home network.

    10 risk anywhere else.

    If you’re already in the sector or looking to learn it can be a good tool, but just remember the implication can snag you. Be responsible and safe.

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    on your home yes, if you have to ask this. don’t post and stay on your network.

    as a relative post if your in the USA and need to ask if this illegal. ask them as an outstanding citizen you tried to tell a public company privately more than once they had a bug. which they ignore and their network is wide open. now the person who told them is a felon? true story.

    [Expose A Blatant Security Hole In AT&T’s Servers, Get 3.5 Years In Jail](

    * step 1
    * determine local laws
    * determine federal laws for your country.
    * determine where you want your proxies or VPN or ssh tunnel to drop
    you. check your VPN for leaks wrt leaks browser leaks.
    * even on tor there is browser profiling be aware.
    * step 2 see step one.
    * step 3 google first, play second. see step 1

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    I’m going to give you some good advice about testing on your own network… Don’t do it. Take your guest network, isolate it from your LAN on a different subnet, and secure it before you do anything. If you don’t have the knowledge to easily do what I just recommended… Then you are more of a danger to yourself than anyone else. Basic networking knowledge is a must before you start playing with these tools. If you start playing around with technology you don’t understand, and get noticed by someone that does… It will most likely end badly for you.

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    It isn’t a crime to Nuke your own homelab. You own the equipment and the network.

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    it can be very illegal ask yourself this if you have a security device remover for cloths is it illegal to take the devices off and walk off with the cloths and ask your provider plus re ask everyone around you if its ok but never do anywhere else other than your home because they could slap with 2 years easily for messing up or not having permission

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    On a scale from 0-10? 10.

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    Just never think about Pineapple Sandwich and Pineapple on pizzas (yuckkk)

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