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    Sorry if this isnt the place for this but this just creeped me out. I called my states unemployment line to speak with a claims rep. Right now they are backlogged af so I expected to be waiting awhile. The music was all normal and everything then like 5 minutes into the wait this aussie dude answered and Id’d himself as a claims specialist. Right away it felt weird but I figured maybe they outsourced the call center or something. I know the number I called was right I’ve called it a hundred times. But this dude starts “verifying” my identity with the usual questions social security address whatever. Then he asks me what high school I went to…super weird that’s not even on the unemployment claim wtf? So after I start questioning this guy he says that he cant help me another claims specialist will have to and says he’s gonna transfer me. Theres like this weird beeping noise then I wind up back at the beginning of the hold line. WTF just happened to me? How is that even possible?

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    Is it possible you found the wrong number, e.g. found it on an unofficial site?

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    Was your high school part of a ‘secret question’ perhaps? Or did they ask you at an earlier stage of the process? It might not be on the claim but they may use this info to accurately verify you, I imagine they’re experiencing huge numbers of fraudulent claims atm, so they’ll be taking extra precautions.

    Beyond that, it’s really odd that he just decided he couldn’t deal with you. Maybe he was feeling lazy? Hard to tell I’m afraid

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    I highly doubt it, not if it was on the official site, they verified it was legit, and you called them. I don’t claim to know exactly why they asked for your high school, but they probably got annoyed by your due dilligence and didn’t feel like dealing with the questions, so they just threw it back in the queue. It may have been a security question you set up and forgot about, or they had it on your record from some other document and are just using it for verification.

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    Does OP have an accent? I wonder if the rep thought OP went to same school.

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    Sounds fucked up.. I wish you luck man

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    Sounds like a case of paranoia. People from Aus sometimes move here and get jobs. I know, it sounds insane.

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    Sounds to me like you got hacked using a crafty PEBKAC maneuver. You gotta watch out for those PEBKACs. They’re worse than the iD-10Ts.

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    I’ve called BofA unemployment before and they ask for address, dob, last four numbers of SSN, and high school (my security question) to confirm my identity before. Was all legit though.

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    Hmm… I don’t know. How did you get the number? I’ve seen Google ads used by scammers before, where they were a sponsored ad on search results that my wife clicked instinctively when it came up… Didn’t realize it until she noted how professional and helpful they were, and figured out it was for-profit somehow. But that wouldn’t explain that… Could set up a fake hold line and pass you to the real one when you caught on, but that is a crazy way to do it. Plus, a Google ad for an unemployment agency site would be incredibly expensive right now, you wouldn’t use it for phishing, it’d be payday loan or something. Unless you were an extremely niche market they could target, I guess… You don’t happen to be a cryptocurrency king, do you?

    I think the bad help line operator at the legit agency seems most likely.

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    You’re probably fine.

    Your state has a standard system that they use for unemployment and (it looks like) another system for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). That new system has caused pain for some states’ unemployment departments and your “strange” interaction isn’t really a shock. It’s just a crappy system that was cobbled together when COVID hit.

    As for your current issue, being locked out of your account, you can reset your password at the login screen. All good.

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    Because the FCC is a joke?

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    If you dont know how phone reps verify it can seem sketchy, especialy if the rep is bad or new. Hes just ask8ng for what his screen is needing, it may want info youve never given before, just ask if you can verify with different info. He may have thought you where sketchy, and locked the account, he may even have locked it by accedent, and just tossed you back into the phone que so he didnt have to deal with it. The beep is pretty normal, they probably use one of the couple standard phone systems and it will beep on transfers sometimes.

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    My states unemployment website has written at the very top in capitalized red letters to be careful of scammers, I gotta be honest I kinda ignored it this whole time.

    Ladies and gentlemen let this situation remind us all, just because we are addicted to coffee doesnt mean we dont occasionally need a wake up call. Be safe physically and electronically.

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