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    Hey ,

    Okay I am 31, i have had odd jobs in IT (TEch Support, NOC analyst), was always interested in hacking.I have learnt quite a bit about IT infrastructure.
    Now i am interested to get into Hacking and Cybersecurity , from what little research i have done i still have to learn a lot .

    I still have full time job in IT(pay is shit BTW), hate my job!

    Am i too late to start ?

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    No. 31 is still relatively young in the developer community. There are plenty of free courses online. Teach yourself in your free time and find some tech/coding meetups ([]( in your city. Go to them, sit and learn, meet new people, ask for help when you’re stuck. If you are immersing yourself in the craft and are actively trying to learn and improve, people will fall over each other to help. From there, and as your confidence and proficiency grows, look for a job and excitedly show potential employers how far you’ve come.

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    I’ve seen a lot older jump into the sector. (48 in my job). He was a network administrator and knew the backend to every system. Invaluable to the SOC team.

    IT experience is massive. You find more vulnerabilities in a process when working in IT than any other devision I find so you are in a good position.

    The jump upwards will require study but if your very comfortable with networking equipment and how to use a Windows/Linux command prompt you are half way there.

    Have a look at common security practices and when your back in work, snoop around your systems to see if you company is following them. E.g. firewall rules, network equipment patching, default passwords(fun one), Some AD cleanup over permissions given, misconfigurations etc.

    (Hint: they aren’t following all of them)

    Web Application penetration testing a website is also a good way to start out. Some of the concepts I find are more simple than others. Depending on the size of your company, They might like you checking out vulnerabilities on their site (if you can greentree your not going to take the site down in my experience anyway)


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    I started around the same age. Coming from a business background. I am the lead hacker in our company now. Never too late. If you have the passion for it, go for it.

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    if it interests you then just do it. some people might consider your age although I really think most wouldn’t care.

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    Not too late, I’m 36 and just starting out. Got years of experience under my belt in tech but that only helps make the concepts easier to follow and having written software since my late teens that also helps. So yeah, keep at it!

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