May 9, 2021

How to be secure using proxychains

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    Hello, I am trying to use proxychains with kali linux. I wrote a script that finds proxy servers of a given type and adds them to the .conf file

    I’m a bit shaky on the networking theory behind everything so I would like help understanding what’s going on and advice on how I can be secure

    I am testing my proxy chain with the command
    “proxychains firefox”

    I find that when I try to use socks5 servers, it never loads, I get lots of socket error or timeout.
    When I look for https servers (I list them in the .conf as http) it works but is quite inconsistent, and it rarely works in a random chain of more than one proxy. I also notice a lot of denied requests to “”, which leads me to believe that my traffic is not encrypted

    So my questions are:

    Since proxychains only natively supports http, am I secure when using https proxy servers, is my traffic automatically encrypted because the servers use https, or is it http traffic?

    Why doesn’t socks5 work at all, and is there any fix for this? To my understanding socks5 is the most secure protocol

    Any other advice, comments, criticism, or resources is also appreciated. Thanks

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